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1865 NW 169th PL Ste 210
Beaverton , OR 97006
TriVium Systems, Inc.

Established in 1996, TriVium Systems is an exclusive Call Recording & Analytics solutions provider affiliated with NARCA. Hundreds of collections agencies and law firms are successfully using TriVium’s SonicView call recording solution, uniquely built for accounts receivable marketplace (ARM) with two decades of thorough understanding of collection space. SonicView is the only call recording solution that seamlessly integrates with all major collection software and dialers. Client compliance reports that took hours can be easily done with a few clicks and can also be automated in a few minutes with SonicView. SonicView also has additional capabilities like speech analytics, agent evaluation, security, compliance with FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA etc. and more. 

Collection Software Integration

With SonicView’s Collection Integration you gain the ability search recorded calls

by Debtor File Number, Client ID, Forwarder Number and other Debtor information exported from your Collections Software.

TriVium has partnered with Collections Software vendors such as JST, CLS, QLAW, Hubbard, DAKCS and CUBS, allowing data to be exchanged between both applications giving you unprecedented access to your call recordings. Unlike most other call recording software, SonicView provides integrations specific to the ARM market to maximize the value of call recording, making your business more productive and letting collection managers do what they are good at!

Flex Reports and Advanced Export

Resurgent, Calvary and CapitalOne are just a few of the clients that require regular reports on calls made on their behalf. Each client has unique formats that reports need to be supplied in. SonicView offers an easy to use and fully customizable report and export interface allowing you to build these detailed client reports in the formats they require.

PCI Compliance

SonicView™ Call Recording & Reporting assists your organization in meeting PCI requirements while still providing all of the benefits of recording your collector’s phone communications.

SonicView PCI features:

  • Automated and Manual pause and resume capabilities
  • SSL Authenticated access to recorded calls
  • Supports disk encryption for stored recording

Compatible with virtually all leading telephone communications systems, TriVium solutions can be used with IP, digital and hybrid phone systems and deployed on single or large multi-location environments. TriVium SonicView™ Call Recording and CallAnalyst™ Call Monitoring and Reporting applications help organizations enhance customer satisfaction, facilitate dispute resolution, improve regulatory compliance and impact their bottom lines with quick and tangible ROI.

SonicView Call Recording & Reporting is an enterprise-grade call recording platform available at very affordable price points. It provides the most comprehensive call recording features and functionalities found in the marketplace today.

SonicView provides a user-friendly, Web-based interface making it easy to access recordings from any PC located on the network without needing to install any proprietary client application. It is built using the latest application architecture and provides a state-of-the art user interface to improve ease-of-use and enhance user experience.

Business Applications

TriVium Systems provides specific solutions to cater to the needs of various kinds of organizations rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions.

TriVium Systems offers unique solutions to optimize telephone communications and record telephone conversations for various verticals that can benefit your company regardless of what type of business you are in. Flexible, scalable, and affordable, these solutions can catapult your business into new heights of communication and can provide benefits that will stretch across your company’s sales, communication, customer service, and overall profits.

We’ve been able to increase our volume of business with our clients and our market share by having SonicView call recording in place”-Don Baker, General Manager, Daniel N. Gordon, PC


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TriVium Systems, Inc. | 1865 NW 169th PL Ste 210  Beaverton , OR 97006  USA | 503x-439x-9338
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